Gosport & Stokes Bay Golf Club - Membership

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Club Membership

Annual Subscription Individual Joint
Seven Day Membership £610.00 £1170.00
Senior Seven Day Membership £555.00 £1060.00
Five Day Membership £535.00 £1020.00
Senior Five Day Membership £475.00 £875.00
Corporate £480.00  
Colt (22-25) £450.00  
Colt (18-21) £250.00  
Junior (Under 18) £120.00  
Social £25.50 £35.70
Locker £40.00  
Buggy Bay £60.00  

Affiliation Fees

In addition to the above fees England Golf and Hampshire County Affiliation Fees are also due on the 1st April 2017:

  Male Members £14.25  
  Female Members £15.75  
  Female Members under 18 £13.25  

Membership Terms:

Terms runs from 1st April to 31st March every year:

Annually - Payment up front for the full term


Membership Application Form >>>download.pdf
Membership Process >>>download.pdf

Methods of Payment:

All subscriptions can be paid to the Club Secretary by either cash or cheque
There is a direct debit facility at a cost of 7.15% p.a.
Debit/Credit card payments can be made in the club's pro-shop
We are also happy to offer the following, subject to availability:

Lockers Rental £40.00
Social Membership £25.50
Joint Social Membership £35.70

The Club is open to the whole community without discrimination including those on low or modest incomes anyone able to demonstrate they cannot afford full membership will be entitled to join the Club and participate at a cost of less than £500 a year which will include loan of equipment affiliation fees and insurance costs.

If you cannot afford full membership please apply in writing to the Club Secretary providing information and any supporting documents that you have that demonstrate you cannot afford to pay the full membership fee.

Each application will be considered on its merits. We may ask you for further information or supporting documents as part of our application process click to download the application form.